View of Warneford Meadow, Oxford

Friends of Warneford Meadow, Oxford

What Can I Do?

Become a member of FoWM

Click here for further details: Membership Flier (pdf, 253 K)

The information above dates from December 2013. Below is a call to arms from the height of the Town Green campaign when the Meadow was under serious threat.


1. Join Friends of Warneford Meadow or donate money to support the cause. Please complete our Membership and Donation Form (pdf, 50 K) and return it with your cheque to our treasurer (address on form).

2. Join the FOWM mailing list.

3. Write/email your Oxford City Councillors (you can get their postal and email addresses here) - this is particularly important if your councillors are on the Strategic Development Control Committee (listed here).

4. Write to your labour MP for East Oxford Andrew Smith, or send him a message here.

5. Write to Local (and National) Newspapers (e.g. The Oxford Times).

6. Get involved with FOWM events and meetings.

7. Attend relevant Oxford City Council Meetings.

8. Help raise money for the Town Green application.

9. Tell your friends and family about Warneford Meadow.

10. Visit Warneford Meadow and enjoy it!

11. Remember to help keep the Meadow tidy - we need to have it looking it's best if we want lots more people to appreciate it.