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Beyond Magdalen Bridge Cover

Beyond Magdalen Bridge: the Growth of East Oxford

By Graeme Salmon

First published by the Oxford Meadow Press; re-published by the East Oxford Archaeology & History Project, November 2010.

ISBN: 978-0-9567565-0-3

FoWM Steering Group member Graeme Salmon is author of Beyond Magdalen Bridge, a short account of the growth and development of the area of East Oxford including Warneford Meadow. At the AGM, Graeme introduced his book and described some of the fascinating history of our neighbourhood. More information about the book, including how to purchase a copy, can be found here: Beyond Magdalen Bridge Prospectus (pdf, 71 K).

Meadow Audio Walk Available

Warneford Meadow Audio Walk

To help remind friends and supporters of the history of Warneford Meadow and its value to the neighbourhood, we have for sale copies of Mari Prichard’s ‘audio walk’ around the Meadow. This comprises a CD containing a sound evocation of the Meadow with readings and recollections. The CD content works as a stand-alone programme or, if copied onto an MP3 player and used with the accompanying map, guides the listener on a walk round the Meadow and through the Orchard. The audio walk costs £3.99 and can be ordered by using the form here: Audio Walk Order Form (doc, 32 K)