View of Warneford Meadow, Oxford

Friends of Warneford Meadow, Oxford

Plans for the Meadow

A tranquil grassland under threat.

For the past century Warneford Meadow has been left in it's natural state. Local residents have used it for recreation, fruit picking, exercise, play, dog walking, astronomy, or just experiencing the beauty of nature. Biology teachers have been able to visit the Meadow, with their students, to illustrate a natural grassland - rare to find within the city boundary.

The local NHS mental health care trust applied to develop Warneford Meadow, applications which were strongly opposed by local residents, led by nearby Residents Associations, and the Friends of Warneford Meadow.

An application to have Warneford Meadow recognised as a Town Green was launched by Paul Deluce at the end of 2006; if successful the application would protect the Meadow from destruction. The public enquiry to decide the issue concluded on May 22nd 2008, see the separate section for more details.

Warneford Meadow - Town Green

The Meadow was registered as a town green on 6th April 2009. You can see the registration documents by clicking here: TG Registration Docs (pdf, 374 K).