View of Warneford Meadow, Oxford

Friends of Warneford Meadow, Oxford

Press Comments

Oxford Mail, 19th May 2008

Article, reporting the final stages of the Town Green inquiry.

Oxford Mail, 14th December 2007

Letter in support of retention of the Meadow from Churchill Community Tenants and Residents' Association

Oxford Mail, 16th November 2007

Article by Giles Sheldrick reporting on the NHS decision to withdraw their plans for the Meadow

New Statesman, 28th June 2007

Article by Mark Lynas "We're not facing up to the real housing crisis" focusing on the looming threat to urban green space (including Warenford Meadow) as a consequence of the need for new housing.

Oxford Mail , 24th May 2007

Article by Chris Buratta "Meadow appeal may hit". The taxpayer is facing a combined bill of 200,000 to pay for the OBMH Trust to appeal against Oxford City Council, over permission to develop on Warneford Meadow.

Oxford Mail (also Times), 19th May 2007

Letter from Andy Boddington of CPRE responding to NHS going to appeal.

Oxford Mail, 11th May 2007

Report on NHS appeal to Planning Inspectorate.

Oxford Times, 4th May

Letter from 7 health professionals about the benefits of retaining the Meadow.

The Sunday Times, 29th April 2007

Article by Helen Davies describing how people are clubbing together to protect their local countryside from developers, a phenomena occuring nationwide, but the work of FOWM is highlighted as an example (See article).

Oxford Times, 27th April

Article on SDCC decision to send NHS Trust "back to the drawing board".

Oxford Times, 27th April

Letter from Laura Hollitzer about available brownfield sites

Indymedia UK, 26th April 2007

Flora Botsford and Jo Maquettes on the continuing campaign to save Oxford's Warneford Meadow. Including some great pictures of the more colourful Friends of Warneford Meadow and their banners.

Radio Oxford, 26th April 2007

Andy Boddington, the Campaign Manager of CPRE Oxfordshire being interviewed (from a landline in a Pub) on Radio Oxford. Andy discusses the results of the SDCC meeting, and the Town green application (listen here).

The Oxford Mail, 26th April 2007

Article by Fran Bardsley in the Oxford Mail, reporting the decision of SDCC Councillors to not vote on the proposals, recommending that the trust withdraw its application and come back with a full planning application after discussion with officers and consideration of the local plan.

The Warneford Meadow on BBC Oxford News (Watch clip).

BBC Oxford News, 25th April 2007

A BBC Oxford News item discusses the attempt by OBMH Trust to sell off the Warneford Meadow for development; the consideration of proposals by Oxford City Council; and the objections of the local community. A former patient explains the benefits she experienced from being able to visit the Meadow.

Oxford Mail April 20th 2007

Article by Reg Little, Oxford City Planners have rejected the motion accepted by Oxford North East Area Committee councillors in January, to refuse development on the Warneford Medow.

Oxford Times April 20th 2007

In accordance with the commons registration act 1965 a notice of application (jpg, 38 K) for registration of Warneford Meadow as a Town Green, was published in the Oxford Times. This notice replaces the one published on February 23rd 2007, and all objections must be made by 8th June 2007.

Oxford Times April 19th 2007

Article by Reg Little, further discussion on the decision by Oxford City Planners to ignore the NEAC position. Also details of The Friends of Warneford Meadow petition objecting to the development and signed by a thousand people, being handed to the Lord Mayor of Oxford, Jim Campbell (image of article (jpg, 73 K)).

Oxford Mail March 20th 2007

Article by James Styring of Cyclox on Cyclists are Key to Future includes threat of extra traffic from any development on Warneford Meadow.

Guardian March 6th 2007

Major article by George Monbiot on Radley Lakes and the threat to liberty and free speech,

Observer Feb 18th 2007

Article in the Observer showing that the proposed sale of Warneford Meadow is not an isolated incidence. All over the country local residents are coming together to oppose NHS plans to sell off their assets.

Oxford Times Jan 26th 2007

Article by Reg Little on how Oxford City Councillors rejected proposals from city planning officers

Letter by FOWM member Chris Dunabin on key worker housing

Letter of support from Laura Hollitzer

Oxford Times Jan 12th 2007

Leading article by Reg Little on the FOWM campaign

Oxford Times December 29th 2006

Leading article by Reg Little on submission of Town Green application

NB In subsequent articles the Oxford Mail has been inaccurate in stating that FOWM had made the Town Green application. Whilst Paul Deluce's application has our full support FOWM has no direct involvement.

Oxford Times October 12th 2006

Article by Reg Little on formation of FOWM

Letter about Meadow by An

dy Boddington of CPRE

Oxford Times September 29th 2006

Letter from Jo Aldhouse on how to object to planning applications

Oxford Times September 22nd 2006

Letter from FOWM Campaigner Jo Aldhouse

Oxford Times September 8th 2006

Letter from EWL Fletcher on why NHS plans are a sick joke